Anna - Spray Tanner

Anna Stankiewicz

Anna Stankiewicz passion for developing the perfect spray-tan has garnered her rave reviews and vaulted her to recognition as one of the best in the city. Redbook called her a “tanning perfectionist,” she was named Best of Beauty by Allure, and recognized by Vogue, Shape, Cosmopolitan, and Fitness. New York Weddings says Anna provides, “the ultimate spray tan.” Allure wrote, “So many friends had raved about Stankiewicz that by the time we showed up for our appointment, it was as if we already knew her. By the next morning, we had an impeccable tan and a trusted friend.”

Anna is passionate about airbrush tanning and is a natural artist. She takes pride in her work and making people look amazing and feeling good about themselves. As one of the founders of Suvara, everyday she gets to share her expertise with the clients at Louise O’Connor Salon.